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An Aberdonian who became a founder member and  President of the Houston-Grampian Association Bob Gilbert died in Houston on 25 October,2020 at the age of 81.

He emigrated from Aberdeen to California and found employment with Baker Oil Tools. In 1972 the company sent Bob back to Aberdeen with a Baker colleague Ted Lambke to set up a factory for North Sea operations.

Bob’s local knowledge led him to open fields at Bridge of Don as a suitable site for Baker Oil Tools and the company, now part of Baker Hughes, quickly became major employers. In 1977 he returned to the company’s headquarters in Houston.

Twenty years later he joined Continental Airlines and at the time of his retirement he was the airline’s Sales and Community Affairs Manager. His wife Sheila also worked for Continental.

After growing up in Union Grove, Aberdeen he trained as an accountant with the Metropolitan Water Board in London and also served a three year engagement with the RAF in Cyprus.  

In Houston he took an active part in organisations with Scottish connections. When his adopted city was officially twinned with Grampian Region in 1979 he became a founder member of the Houston-Grampian Association formed to promote links with Scotland and was a past president of the association.

In 1982-83 he became the 30th Chieftain of Houston Heather and Thistle Society and sang Burns songs at the society’s large Burns suppers. He was also a dancer and teacher with the Houston and District branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society.

Bob lived in Kingwood, Houston and is survived by his wife Sheila and two daughters Lisa and Heather.