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Houston Welcome
Visitors and New Residents

Visitors and newcomers to Houston are being offered a personalised introduction to the city.

Under the Houston Greeter  scheme local volunteers spend  two to four hours introducing individuals and groups of not more than six persons to the city’s attractions and facilities.

Greeters are not tour guides but use their local knowledge to show newcomers things of particular interest to them, whether it be shopping, theatre-going, sport, ethnic food, history or culture. Visitors may join a Greeter for an activity such as jogging, golf, tennis, cycling or lunch at a favourite ethnic restaurant.

The service, modelled on the Big Apple Greeter in New York,  is free and Metro Rail provide free passes for visitors and greeters. To take advantage of the service, visitors simply log on to or telephone 713-665-8710 during business hours Monday-Friday.

Susan Borches, Chief Executive Officer of Houston Greeters, said, “I think Greeters can offer visitors a very quick way to feel connected with Houston. Ask us about a subject that’s dear to your heart and it’s likely we have a Greeter with the same interest who can show you what Houston has to offer in that field.”


Chairman of the organisation Michael Jhin said, “The Houston Greeter programme creates a platform for us to increase international understanding while tapping into the great diversity Houston offers. It lets people who visit Houston meet with ‘a local’ and, for me, that’s the best kind of travel experience.”

December 2006