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Miss Heather Anderson who made a major contribution to the success of the Sister City relationship between Grampian Region and the City of Houston died on 16 January, 2019, aged 85.

She was Founder Secretary of the Grampian-Houston Association and on her retirement after 19 years in the post the then Governor of Texas George W. Bush made her an honorary citizen of Texas in recognition of her work.

 She had a 43 year career in local government and served as Personal Assistant to the first four Conveners of Grampian Region – Councillors Sandy Mutch C.B.E., John Sorrie C.B.E., Geoffrey Hadley M.B.E. and Robert Middleton M.B. E.

It was Councillor Mutch who secured the official twinning relationship with Houston City Council and when the Grampian-Houston Association was established to foster links with Texas, Heather was Councillor Mutch’s choice to organise the Association. Her enthusiastic and cheerful approach to the job won her many friends on both sides of the Atlantic. She organised five exchange visits by delegations from Grampian.

Following her retirement as Secretary in 1989 she was made an honorary member of the Association and continued to serve as a Board member until ill health restricted her mobility.

Born in Cardiff, South Wales, she moved north to Banchory on Royal Deeside in 1945 Her retirement years were dogged by a series of health problems but she continued to live independently until a few months before her death.  She was an elder at Banchory West Church where her funeral service was held.