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A Past President and founder member of the Houston-Grampian Association, Jack Hume died in Houston on 3 February, 2018 at the age of 89.

He and his late wife Phemie emigrated from Scotland to Texas in the 1950s and they were in the 40-strong delegation who flew to Aberdeen from Houston in May, 1979 for the official signing of the Sister City charter twinning Grampian Region with America’s fourth largest city.


Jack, who came from  Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, studied electrical engineering at Paisley Technical College and business administration at the University of Houston before becoming a salesman with Boise Cascade, an office products firm, in Houston.

He was proud of his Scots heritage and became an authority of the life and works of Scotland’s National Bard Robert Burns. Jack joined the Heather & Thistle Society in Houston in 1955 and served as its Chieftain in 1973-74 and again in 1978-79.  In 2003 he was instrumental in raising funds to present Houston City Council with a bust of Burns.  Jack is pictured at the statue which stands in the International Commemorative Sculpture Garden at Hermann Park.

He was a strong supporter of the Houston-Grampian relationship and is remembered with warmth and affection by his Grampian friends.

Jack is survived by his second wife Guida and daughters Margie Carmichael and Mary Hume Thompson.